Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoos are a natural temporary form of body art which are shown to be a great alternative to permanent tattoos as the process is fast, easy, painless and affordable.

Henna is a natural substance made from a plant which is found mainly in tropical climates. The leaves of this plant are dried, broken down and crushed to form a fine powder. The powder is then mixed with water in order to produce a paste like consistency. When applied to one’s skin, the paste leaves behind a red or brown stain.

Any colour other than red, orange or brown is not shown to be natural. Black henna for example, contains harmful chemicals which pose a high risk of permanent scarring. We strongly suggest avoiding use of black henna.

Once the tattoo is drawn, it takes approximately 45 to 60 mins to dry (depending on the design). Once the tattoo is dry you can peel off the paste but should avoid any sources of water on the stain. Initially, the colour shown is a light orange but this gradually darkens overnight to a dark red or brown.

Natural Henna can last anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the care. Quite simply, is the tattoo is located in an area often exposed to soap and water, it will typically fade at a faster rate. Swimming in both chlorine or salt water however, removes henna instantly.

Glamour Beauty Salon specializes in Henna Tattoos at corporate or school events, fetes, university open days, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and hen’s parties.