Eyelash Perming / Lifting

Eyelash Perming

Eyelash perming treatment is the one that can be done to emphasize the length of your There is no doubt that the demand for full, curled eyelashes is high at the moment. At Instyle Glamour Beauty Salon, we currently offer two main services for those wanting to achieve this desired look.

Lash Perm

Through winding the hairs around a cylindrical rod, one can be seen to achieve semi permanently curled lashes for weeks.

Eyelash Perming is recommended for those whom already have long eyelashes as the overall process may reduce the overall length of one’s lashes in order to produce the desired curl.

Lash Lift

As the name suggests, eyelash lifting essentially lifts your lashes from the base of the eyelid in order to produce the appearance of longer lashes.

This process is normally seen as a perfect alternative to eyelash extensions and usually lasts longer that perming depending on maintenance.

Our fully trained therapists can assist with any further questions in order to determine which treatment best suits your needs.

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