Eyelash extension 3d,4d,5d

3d,4d,5d Eyelash Extension

Anybody would tell you that the most important feature on a women’s face is their eyes. Eyes have a way of telling a story, without actually having to speak. When it comes to a women’s beauty routine a perfect addition is 3D eyelash extensions. Not only do 3D eyelash extensions make eyes pop, they feel just like real lashes, and no addition of mascara is necessary. Eyelash extensions are considered an art, and only highly trained and skilled technicians should apply these eyelash extensions to a person’s eyes.

The most convenient aspect of these eyelash extensions is that they look fantastic for up to three weeks. Can you even imagine the world where you did not have to load on layers of mascara daily, and taking it off every night?

3D eyelash extensions are a fantastic option for contact lens wearers because often flakes of mascara come off and fall right into your contact lens, and we all know how much of a pain that is to try and finagle out of one’s eye. With eyelash extensions, you would not have to worry about that at all. These eyelash extensions are synthetic so with proper care and treatment they will not flake or break off.


The difference lies in the technique used to create the thicker fuller look. Instead of one whole section of false lashes being glued over one’s natural lashes, multiple singular faux lashes are used instead. Clusters of very fine individual false lashes are adhered each natural lash and fanned out in an artistic display of breathtaking beauty. The results are gorgeous, outlined eyes that cause onlookers to second-glance.

These lashes are made identical to real ones, and up to 6 faux lashes can be applied to each individual natural lash. A variety of different looks can be achieved according to the preference of each client. The process is finely tuned by experts, ensuring that each perfectly polished faux eyelash is subtly attached; No one will know they are not natural!

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Eyelash Extension 3d/4d/5d
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